A New Approach to High-Rise Modular

New High-rise Modular Concept goes on Display

Modular designs have long been known for their versatility and low production costs, but the latest unveiling from WA firm McGrath Modular takes it to potentially greater heights – literally. This modern approach might be adapted to hotels, residential apartments, aged-care facilities and student accommodation. There is the potential for heights of up to 25 levels.
Named the Alto Modular, the high rise prototype is located in the northern suburbs of Perth. It’s the first of its kind, showing McGrath Modular’s move from modular homes into commercial modular construction.

What Makes it Different?

In order to understand just how unique this construction is, it’s important to know exactly what a modular home is and how it is built. Unlike traditional housing, modular homes are not built onsite, but designed and constructed elsewhere, often in a large factory and within a much shorter time frame, as they’re not affected by on-site delays such as weather or noise restrictions. This isn’t too difficult a feat with a standard family home, but that’s what makes the Alto Modular unique.
This style of building can reduce on-site construction times by up to 50%, save up to 20% in costs as well as drive the use of local content and help realise unique, innovative development projects that require an alternative construction solution.
The Alto Modular prototype was not only the realisation of a truly innovative idea that will help keep construction on Australian soil, but also a wonderful opportunity for potential clients to see the quality of the build and experience the finished product themselves.
The concept is on display in Wangara, Western Australia.