Adelaide’s ‘Lego’ Hotel

Adelaide’s brand new $32 million Lester Hotel has raised eyebrows with its unique “Lego brick” construction style. Take a closer look at the hotel and what it means for Adelaide’s commercial construction industry.

The Lester’s Unique Construction Style

The Lester’s lower levels were built on site from concrete, but most of its 16 storeys use modular technology. Large segments were made predominantly in China and shipped to the South Australian capital where they were pieced together like Lego blocks. This allowed developers to build a level a day and construct the entire 16-storey building in less than a fortnight. The 4.5-star hotel’s lower floors will feature a café, bar, restaurant, gym, and conference rooms. The higher floors, made with the modular technology, will house 244 guestrooms and three larger suites. Developers anticipate the Lester Hotel will open for business by March 2016.

How Revolutionary is the Lester?

Adelaide has never seen a commercial building made like the Lester. Its modular technology has been applied to structures on Australia’s East Coast, but the Lester is one of the tallest structures using this new building technique. If you’re wondering whether modular technology could work for your next commercial building, contact TPM Builders at 1300 733 891 for project advice.

Commercial Construction Opportunities in Adelaide Set to Increase

Nigel Howden, a representative of the design company behind the Lester Hotel, told The Advertiser, “Building in the city centre is hard but if you can do it in two weeks it’s a game changer.” The rapid pace of modular construction minimises disruption to the central business district, so buildings utilising the new technology should find it easier to get permits. As Adelaide’s $5.2 million tourism industry booms, modular technology should help commercial builders create new infrastructure to satisfy demand. The rapid construction of the Lester Hotel showed just how quickly a commercial building can be ready for outfitting. Expect to see more commercial ventures using its unique modular technology, both in Australia and abroad. Image via Flickr by Loozrboy