The demand for commercial flooring is on the rise

The commercial flooring sector is enjoying a healthy boost, thanks to the growing demand for affordable, sustainable and innovative options…
It seems that more people are looking to install cost-effective and environmentally friendly flooring options in their homes and properties.
As an industry, commercial flooring has taken on a life of its own, across the globe. The floor covering industry is now invested in the latest technological developments and fashionable trends, as consumers refuse to settle for traditional materials that don’t enhance their properties and match their values.
There’s no getting around it, every home or commercial structure requires a floor, and people are increasingly thinking outside the box, by choosing less conventional options, such as glass, bamboo, linoleum, polyester and reclaimed hardwood.
There’s growing demand for the installation of these innovative options, as lifestyles change and more people move from rural to urban areas.
The good news is these options tend to be kinder to the wallet, as well as the environment.
Bamboo flooring, for example, is made from natural vegetation (a type of grass), making it a sustainable resource that’s easy to maintain. It also grows faster than hardwood trees, which are used in traditional flooring.
More people are spending money on the interiors of their homes, properties and hotels, but it doesn’t end here. Automobile companies are also jumping on the bandwagon (pun intended), by tapping into the aesthetic appeal of commercial floorings to enhance the appearance of their vehicles.
These factors are expected to boost the growth of the global commercial flooring market from 2016 to 2022, and Australia won’t be left behind.
The Australian floor covering industry has faced difficult trading conditions in the past five years, thanks to the challenging and competitive environment it’s been operating in.
But it seems that Australia will be swept in the surge that’s spreading across the globe. Experts predict the industry will thrive, due to the growing demand for refurbishments.