DesignBUILD 2016 showcases latest in construction innovation

DesignBUILD 2016 showcases latest in construction innovation
For the past three decades, DesignBUILD has been supporting Australia’s architecture, building, and construction and design industries to showcase the latest innovations. It all culminates in a three day expo designed to create unrivalled networking and inspiration opportunities, but we’re most excited about the DesignBUILD Incubator. Innovators across the industry submit their design ideas to Incubator and we were excited to see so many that could be applied to commercial developments.
These are just a few of our favourites:
Rooftop terraces are beloved in Australia, particularly on balmy summer nights with a cocktail in hand, so Tilt is bound to be popular with apartment and commercial developers, as it allows architects to include a rooftop terrace without increasing the building height.  We can’t wait to see this pop up throughout new developments in Brisbane.
Designed to look like bricks, these blocks and pavers are actually made with over 50% timber waste. Not content in just helping the environment though, Timbercrete are lightweight, load bearing and have a high fire resistance, making them ideal for the harsh bush fire seasons we experience annually. The company also claims that these blocks are great insulators, reducing the need for both heating and cooling in homes.
Swag with Walls
A few years ago, Street Swags hit the scene with their carry bag cum portable bed and shelter for homeless people. It won several design awards and has helped give many homeless people a warm, safe and discrete shelter in the evening. Not content with sitting on their laurels, they got to work on designing tiny, portable houses that would enable even the lowest income citizens to own their own home and help reduce the number of homeless folk in Australia. We are definitely impressed.