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19 Apr, 2022

Commercial construction spending Australia (budget 2022-23)

A few weeks ago, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg delivered the federal budget to a nation reeling from the global pandemic, economic shock and devastating floods.  This budget has attracted even more attention than usual, leading up to the national election in May. Our construction sector has been shielded from the worst of the lockdown repercussions, but […]

28 Feb, 2022

Construction outlook 2022 (Australia)

As Australia reopens its borders to international tourists for the first time in nearly two years, there’s hope we’ve finally got a handle on COVID-19. It’s been a stressful period for people from all walks of life, and the building industry hasn’t been immune from the challenges. But mercifully, it looks as though some sense […]

21 Dec, 2021

Construction waste management Australia (barriers & solutions)

We may have nowhere to dump our trash in less than five years.  Alarmingly, most of Australia’s landfills are expected to be full by 2025. Across the nation, 30 per cent of waste is sent to landfill every year. The building industry accounts for more than one third of this pie, which doesn’t taste good. […]