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17 Dec, 2022

Excavation hazards from heavy rain (be careful out there)

Please be aware that persistent heavy rain impacts the ground and creates an excavation hazard.  The number of excavation accidents has risen on construction sites and farms, according to the NSW regulator for workplace safety. Tragically in June, a 33-year farmer died from fatal head injuries acquired while extracting a bogged bulldozer.  In a separate […]

15 Dec, 2022

Construction outlook for commercial and residential projects (2023 and beyond)

The Australian construction industry faces a number of short-term challenges amid rising interest rates and inflation. Despite these setbacks, the latest forecasts by Master Builders Australia predict that overall construction activity is still expected to expand modestly over the coming years. However, a decline is expected for residential construction (particularly medium-high density projects). Every year […]

17 Nov, 2022

How bad is the timber shortage (Australia)?

As you probably know, our industry has endured a timber shortage for around two years.  We’ve faced project delays, budget blowouts and high levels of stress as a result of the global timber supply problem and associated price hikes. It’s been tough.  However, there’s some good news. It seems that price hikes for structural timber […]