Spotlight on construction growth in Bundaberg

Bundaberg in Queensland is experiencing a growth spurt, when it comes to non-residential construction projects.
It seems the rest of Australia could learn a thing or two from Bundaberg in Queensland.
Commercial and industrial building approvals have surged in the region, and by no small figure either. Rates have jumped by 73 per cent in the year leading up to October 2016, compared to the previous year.
Bundaberg has benefited in a major way, enjoying a $144 million boost to its economy.
And it gets better. This surge in investment and development has created new job opportunities for the region.
So what’s behind this success?
Experts say that external investment in Bundaberg is particularly strong.
Bundaberg Mayor Jack Dempsey said the figures show that Bundaberg is outperforming the Queensland commercial and industrial construction sector by roughly 70 percent, according to NewsMail.
A number of council-supported projects are driving this impressive growth in Bundaberg.
“Council certainly played a significant role in supporting the resurrection of the region’s commercial and industrial construction sector, with projects like the multiuse facility and Rubyanna…” Cr Dempsey said.
He also attributed Bundaberg’s success to projects such as the Knauf plasterboard factory and the Palm Lakes Resort expansion. Stockwell’s new Coles project at Kensington and council’s new animal control facility at Qunaba have also played a significant role in driving the economy.
Bundaberg Council has recently approved the development of a major shopping complex in Kepnock, which will contribute to further growth in the region.
This centre will include specialty stores and a supermarket, as well as a service station. It’s expected to cater to residents who are drawn to the area because of expansions that are currently taking place.
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