Stormwater Drainage for Commercial Properties

After violent storms swept through South East Queensland on 1st May, 2015, few businesses were left unaffected in some way. Heavy afternoon rainfall resulted flash flooding of numerous areas. Roads were blocked, trains and buses stopped, and many premises suffered extensive water damage.

The importance of stormwater drainage for commercial properties

With the weather becoming more unpredictable and extreme every year, it’s more vital than ever to have effective site drainage on your premises. Without it, your business stands to lose money, and employees and customers could also be negatively impacted. A flooded commercial property means you have to close while any damage is fixed, which could take anything from a day to several months. It could take even longer if repeated flooding occurs, which is often the case when a business is located in a flood-prone area and has ineffective drainage.

Drainage solutions from TPM Builders

At TPM Builders, we recognise the importance of adequate drainage, which is why we include comprehensive drainage systems in our commercial construction projects. One of these projects was Belwood Business Park. This 7,000m² project is located 14 km south-west of Brisbane CBD and, like all our buildings, it includes an efficient drainage system. When the floods hit last week, we were pleased to see that our drainage system worked exactly as planned – even under such unusual and extreme conditions. You can see the strong water flow and how the system dealt with it in the photos below.

Commercial Builders you can trust

Planning a new commercial build? Whether you’re a property developer, town planner, architect, or engineer – get in touch with TPM Builders. Working in the Brisbane and wider Queensland area, you can trust in us to provide personalised top-quality construction services, with comprehensive drainage solutions included as standard. Phone us now on 1300 733 891 to find out more. Stormwater Drainage Commercial Building