Super funds may finance Brisbane Live Development

Brisbane-based venue management company AEG Ogden has developed a proposal to build the Brisbane Live precinct over the Roma Street rail yards. This is a second proposal by the team who already have a submission to build the stadium at Parmalat Milk Factory in South Brisbane. Chairman Harvey Lister says the second submission arose when they realised the Roma Street rail yards were a better location.
AEG Ogden, who already operate the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Suncorp Stadium and the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, believe that the stadium will activate whichever precinct it’s built in, and the Roma Street location provides better opportunities and would provide a major face lift to a local eyesore.
The Los Angeles-inspired stadium would be built over the yet-to-be-approved Cross River Rail line and accommodate 17,000 seats within the state of the art entertainment arena, which would feature a sliding front wall, 4000 person capacity nightclub and be surrounded by cinemas, restaurants, bars and a giant screen amphitheatre. There are also plans for an outdoor green space that would be designed to be a retreat for city workers and a popular picnic spot on the weekends.
The Queensland state government supports the project in so far that they believe the stadium would reshape the city and unlock other opportunities to transform Brisbane burger, but that the government would not pay for the stadium and would expect it to be funded by the private sector. They said they’d look at selling the land to AEG Ogden, the funds of which they’d use to build the Cross River Rail that would sit beneath.
Should the stadium and rail projects go ahead, they will be completed in 2022.