Where is recruitment headed for the construction industry?

As 2016 stretches to a close, the Builders Academy Australia has released reports on the construction workforce to see how it’s been faring, particularly with regards to the increased demand for many specific trades and an apartment boom across most of the major cities. It’s been mostly good news for Queensland and New South Wales.
Queensland has high demand for affordable, detached residential housing close to public transport for families, which will take over following the slow-down of residential high-rise buildings that will occur once current projects end. Civil infrastructure will also see continued demand for skilled workers, particularly civil engineers, designers and drafters who have experience working on public projects.
New South Wales has seen high activity in both commercial and residential building markets, often to the point where third-party services have needed to be called in to fill demand. As a result, we’ve seen a large skills shortage in the industry for both contract and permanent positions across all positions, particularly in the realm of project managers, estimators, forepersons, contract administrators and site managers. Many tradespeople with the right qualifications are reporting being fought over by companies in bidding wars due to the skills shortage, making it the perfect time for any skilled tradespeople to jump into the industry or perhaps consider temporary relocation to one of the many projects across the state.
South Australia, Australian Capital Territory and Victoria are also seeing several job vacancies across the construction industry, particularly in the form of site supervisors, senior managers, contract administrators and project managers.
If this demand continues, the industry is likely to remain strong for quite some time, boosting the economy and creating new opportunities for apprentices.