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The answer to this question depends on variables such as; *the scope of the project, *the presence of sunset dates on agreements and *unique factors which could manifest as obstacles. Most challenges have a solution and we aim to be agile in meeting a stretching target, mindful of your critical dates and expectations. Armed with that information, we work backwards to find a way it can be done.
This question is front of mind for everybody, including us! Multiple factors play a hand in getting the right answer. Variables include the; *type of building, *desired finishes,*site conditions and *development approval caveats. Furnishing us with responses to certain basic information requests will help us deliver the most accurate estimate possible. Please ask us for a more thorough understanding of the project costs, as our first estimate will be a cost guide in broad terms.
Providing both parties have absolute clarity of expectations and budget, we will do everything possible to make your dream project a reality within the agreed budget. Compromise and flexibility may be required, but we can promise our best endeavours to build your requirements at the realistic price you have set.
Before we enter into a building agreement, we provide a critical path which clearly defines timeline goals throughout the project. This critical path will assist you in planning milestones for your business (or prospective tenants) moving in. If your project is for investment purposes, the critical path is invaluable to your appointed leasing agent’s marketing plans for the completed property.
Our customer satisfaction levels at project’s end are founded on the extensive planning we do upfront. Getting your price estimate right requires meticulous work, which can be time consuming. We will endeavour to provide an accurate estimate to meet your deadline. From the outset, please clarify your expectations with us and we will keep you abreast of your quote’s progression.
A Progress Claim Schedule will be negotiated as part of the formal agrerment process. It offers a high-level view of the milestone payments you will be expected to make before, during and at completion of construction. Our claims are made by the 30th day of the respective month and detail works completed to date.
A broad-brush estimate (excluding variables such as; *land cost, *development application conditions and *infrastructure requirements) may be possible on a build-only basis. We would be asking your requirements for such variables as; *building size, *architectural façade, *presence of mezzanine floors and * construction type – to name a few.
Absolutely! With due regard for Workplace Health & Safety legislation, we encourage you to come onsite with us and inspect progress to your satisfaction. This will afford the opportunity to flag any issue of possible concern.
Yes. A dedicated Project Liaison contact will be accountable for managing your project’s communications, in both directions. This experienced, skilled individual will be your go-to person for all queries. No buck-passing at TPM Builders, that’s a promise!
Yes. When provided early enough, Lessor requirements can form part of the base pricing process for inclusion in the total contract sum. Should Lessor requirements emerge after construction has already begun, a Variation can be raised to contract, price (and time, if necessary.) It is understood that completion of the Variation within the original timeline would normally be preferable, where possible.

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