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30 Apr, 2021

Influx of construction projects could help firms survive COVID-19

Many Australians are feeling nervous because we no longer have the safety net of Job Keeper to help businesses survive the global pandemic. The government scheme that subsidised the wages of eligible workers officially ended on March 28 2021 after running for one year. Not only did this program save hundreds of thousands of jobs, […]

31 Mar, 2021

Commercial developers are keen to invest in south-east Queensland

Investors show growing interest in commercial real estate development in south-east Queensland.  This couldn’t come at a better time for the region, which was hard hit by slumping construction activity due to COVID-19. And it’s not just investors with their eyes on south-east Queensland. The International Olympic Committee favours Brisbane to host the 2032 Summer […]

24 Dec, 2020

Benefits of sustainable construction (financial and ecological)

The Australian building sector does a lot for the economy, but also creates a shocking amount of pollution. Our slice of the national GDP is around 9 per cent.