High quality buildings at prices that work for you

The design and construct process helps you get the most out of our professional commercial construction team.
Our years of experience means we understand how a project’s design will interact with the real world, while we also work hard to reduce costs without compromising on quality.
But it’s more than that; it’s also about building a relationship between you and TPM Builders. We keep you involved and in control of every step of the process so that you are 100% happy with the outcome. A win for you is a win for us.

Next Generation Design and Construct

The heart of TPM Builders’ innovative Design & Construct approach pools all the required building and construction skills in a single hub.
One team only is accountable for all components of your project – concept to completion. We’re confident this gives us unparalleled agility in project management.
The inherent and significant cost savings which flow from these efficiencies are reflected in our pricing. High quality finish projects are delivered to our shared satisfaction.

Why Design and Construct?

It’s a collaborative process: We’ll forge a partnership as we work together to create a successful project that will meet or exceed your expectations. When challenges arise along the way, we’ll all pitch in and work together to arrive at the best solutions.
We’re accountable for the entire project: A design and construct approach means we’re accountable for every aspect of the project. That includes how much the project costs, how long it takes to complete, and how it looks in the end. When the same group designs and builds, the design phase tends to pay closer consideration to costs and scheduling, which helps reduce costs.
There’s greater continuity: A design-construct company like ours is involved in your project from its inception to completion. This adds a greater degree of efficiency because we know what’s been done, and what still needs attention.
We can guide you through the process: Embarking on a commercial construction venture can be daunting and stressful, but with design and construct it doesn’t have to be. Since we’re there every step of the way, we can guide you through the entire process, sharing our experiences and ensuring you have the best possible outcome.
Everything’s clearly communicated: You’re never left wondering where things stand with a design and construct process. It’s a transparent system, where the communication is honest, open, and regular. This ensures you’ll always know what money you’re spending, what issues arise, and when a project will be completed.
It’ll deliver your project in a timely fashion: Design and construct involves managing a variety of timelines to ensure they all work in harmony. We want to keep the project moving forward, because we know that this provides the most cost-effective results.
However, that doesn’t mean changes can’t be made along the way. The design and construct system is also highly adaptive to change, so you can revisit decisions and make alterations as necessary.
It’ll help you save money: The design construct model will help you save money. Unlike companies who only design, we know how to make design choices that will help you save money. This process is also focused on getting onsite sooner, so you’ll see a finished project quicker and start seeing a return on your investment sooner.
There are no budget blowouts: We’re not one of those companies that give you a quote, and then charge you for sneaky extras once the job is done. We understand that you need to have a clear understanding of the costs involved to decide whether the project will work for you. When we give you a set price for your project, that’s all you’ll pay.