Helping you get the right commitments in place to build

The Tender Process is based on the pricing of a fully designed and specified building. In simpler terms, this means we’ve received a finalised design for a building allowing us to price it accurately. This style of pricing can be done either as an open or a selective process. An open process means that anyone in the market can price the job, while selective is when only a pre-determined list have the opportunity to price.
Tender pricing is usually reserved for more complex projects to eliminate risk and create a clearer picture for those who want to be involved on exactly what the process involves.

Why Tender Pricing?

Fully pre-designed and specified:

This means that all decisions have been made before you have the project priced and this leaves you with few, if any, decisions to be made after the documentation has been received, priced and contracted. This process will give you certainty of a particular look and finish on completion.

Like for Like Pricing:

As the project is fully specified and quantities defined, all builders will be pricing exactly the same product quantities for your development. A result of this method is that you will receive a clear trade breakdown and be able to compare the different builders across all of the different trades on your job.

Early Commitment to a maximum Price:

As this is a pricing process based on your documentation you will, after the tender period, receive a committed lump sum price for your project with a clear list of inclusions and exclusions.


As long as you are doing a selective tender, you will have pre evaluated all of your builders so that you are sure they are capable of the construction that you would like them to price and build. If you do an open tender this advantage no longer applies, as anyone will be able to price the job.

Independent Design:

If you want a building with a focus on architectural and engineering flare, this process will allow your designers more freedom during the design development, before the building is priced. It also allows the time and capacity for co-ordination for this to happen without outside interference that may affect this outcome.

Design and Construction Costs:

Because the design and construction phases are clearly defined, you will have a dedicated period and costs centres with your consultants before construction. Then dedicated costs for construction. This does not mean your consultants will not need involvement or charge you during the project but the goal is that the building is fully specified and their involvement should be minimal.