Brick Veneer as a New Building Design Trend

Australia’s cities have been built up brick-by-brick, but modern design trends see this traditional construction method increasingly passed over for brick veneer. But what is brick veneer, and why is it taking the Australian construction industry by storm?

What is Brick Veneer?

Contrary to popular belief, brick veneer isn’t simply made up of thin pieces of brick. Instead, brick veneer buildings are reinforced with steel or wooden framing, then covered with wooden sheathing or installation before a single brick layer is applied. Once completed, a brick veneer building looks virtually identical to a solid brick property. Unlike traditional brick construction, the brick layer serves an aesthetic rather than structural role.

What are the Advantages of Brick Veneer?

As it requires just one layer of brickwork, brick veneer is easy to install and typically more affordable than solid brick. This affordability continues through the life of the property, as brick veneer buildings are more energy efficient. The air cavity between the brick and frame insulates the property, especially when insulation materials are added to the space. In contrast, solid brick is a very poor insulator, so traditional brick multi-residential properties can be costly to heat in winter and cool in summer.

What Does the Future Hold?

The future looks bright for brick veneer, especially in the commercial construction sector. Here clients are guided by the bottom line, which makes affordable brick veneer very attractive. What’s more, the material performs without sacrificing the benefits of brick. Just like its more traditional stablemate, brick veneer is attractive, durable, and easy to care for. With so many advantages, along with affordability and green credentials, brick veneer looks set to stay. As trusted commercial builders, TPM Builders works closely with its clients to deliver their multi-residential and commercial projects on time and within budget. Whether you’re considering brick veneer or another façade, contact TPM Builders on 1300 733 891 to learn more about its design and construct process. ©Image via Flickr by blehk