Facade Design and Australia’s Building Codes in Multi-Residential Developments

What is Section J?

Section J of the BCA concerns energy efficiency. It ensures that all new commercial buildings, including multi-residential developments, use energy efficiently to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and their carbon footprint. The section has several parts that deal with a range of design factors including the building’s fabric and sealing, external glazing, artificial lighting and power, and air-conditioning and ventilation systems. All new commercial buildings must have a compliance report to prove they adhere to Section J.

What’s the Problem with Section J?

Any measures that make the construction and building industries greener are to be commended. However, Section J introduced many widespread changes that some organisations struggled to implement. Experts suggest that construction professionals from designers to business surveyors did not receive the upskilling required to competently meet these new requirements. Designers instead looked to consulting engineers who specialised in green design to determine whether their facades would comply with Section J. Consultation between these professionals could be a lengthy process that compromised creativity and delayed work for clients.

How Does Software End Section J Nightmares?

InEnergy, Inhabit Group’s new open-source software tool, could provide the sustainable solution creative departments have been looking for. The program allows designers and architects to compare their early façade drafts against Section J to learn whether they’re likely to comply and how they might be modified for greater energy efficiency. This streamlines the process for designers and architects, who can present Section J compliant plans to clients without the need for a consulting engineer’s assessment. TPM Builders works closely with experienced designers and architects to ensure its commercial construction projects, including multi-residential developments, meet Section J and other parts of the BCA. It also delivers easy-to-understand compliance reports in a timely fashion. Call us today on 1300 733 891, to learn more about TPM Builders’ design and construct process and our other commercial construction services. © Image via Flickr by Terry Wha