Which Australian State Ranked Highest for Non-Residential Construction?

New South Wales has been named the top state for non-residential construction in the most recent ACI Construction Monitor, launched in June by Australian Construction Insights. The report assesses non-residential construction activity across the country. Read on to learn more about the report’s findings and their implications for the commercial building sector.

The ACI Construction Monitor’s Findings

The Northern Territory was the strongest performer according to the ACI Construction Monitor, but New South Wales beat out all other states in the report, edging out third-place-getter Victoria. The Australian Capital Territory finished last in the rankings. The ACI Construction Monitor rankings consider recent non-residential construction activity and how it compares to the state or territory’s long-term average performance. Australian Construction Insights monitors commercial and industrial construction.

What Makes New South Wales So Strong?

New South Wales performed well because it’s an exceptional all-rounder. While it’s not the strongest performer in any one sub-sector of non-residential construction, it achieves above-average rankings in almost every area. It only suffered in the heavy industry sector, due to a slump in the state’s coal industry.

The Implications for Commercial Builders

While New South Wales’ performance in the heavy industry sector is disappointing, its commercial building sector posted impressive results. This should instil confidence in local commercial builders, as it points to developers’ willingness to spend on commercial ventures. It’s also good news for people working in the sector, as commercial construction jobs are plentiful. If you’d like to commence a commercial building project in New South Wales, it’s important to enlist a commercial construction firm you can trust. TPM Builders is a Queensland firm with extensive experience in northern New South Wales. With a new ACI Construction Monitor set to be released next quarter, it will be interesting to discover whether New South Wales can maintain its dominance over Australia’s other states. © Image via Flickr by mikecogh